SEPTEMBER 4, 11, 18, 25 “The rule of three” INITIATION CLOWN WORKSHOP —10h—


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Initiation Clown Workshop with Caroline Dream

Dates: SEPTEMBER Saturdays: 4, 11, 18, 25

Level: Initiation (no experience nedeed)

Language: English

Hours: 10hs in four sessions

Number of participants: maximum 14

Price: 175€

Class schedule: 19:00 to 21:30hs (Spanish time)
Look for the time in your country at (putting Barcelona as one of the locations). Please make sure there is no time change in your country the night before the masterclass.

To register you must pay through this page. Paypal will send you a receipt by email. This Paypal email is the confirmation that you are enrolled in the class.

Four days before the start of the workshop, we will send you an email with the access link and instructions. ‼️Please put as a safe address on your email program these email: [email protected]‼️ so the emails with the link to access the Clown Workshop and our communications about the workshop don’t go to your spam folder.

All the information you need is on this page. Please review the sections below to get the best experience during the workshop. If after reading everything you have any questions you can call or write us (via”Contact” in the menu)

Essential requeriments:

  • a red nose
  • a laptop with a camera or, failing that, a tablet with a camera (if you have an external webcam that sends a higher quality image than the computer’s camera, all the better)
  • internet connection
  • a free account on
  • a private space to work in
    Ideally, we recommend a clear working area of ​​approximately 2 x 2 meters that is within the viewing angle of the camera. Outside that area, you should have some space at least on one side so that you can make exits and entrances into the area (that is, you can “leave camera” at least on one side) . Don’t worry about curtains, sofas, shelves with things on them, etc in the background … these can often be used advantageously during the workshop ;o)
  • adequate lighting (frontal) so that we can see you well, both infront of the computer and when you are in your work area (please avoid bright lights behind you, such as windows through which the sun enters, etc)
  • please put [email protected] as a secure address in your email program so that our email with the link to access the workshop does not go to the spam folder (this could happen, it depends on which email server you use). And if you write us for any reason, put “not spam” at the end of the subject matter to be sure that we will receive it.

The art of clowning is likely to prove elusive unless you bear in mind the following guidelines: Be authentic. Play. Express what you feel. Share with your audience. Have problems. Be foolish. Be interested. Think simple. Fail. Be vulnerable. Apply your sense of humor. Exaggerate. Feel the comic beats. Repeat successes. Enjoy yourself. Be honest. Step over the boundaries. Rediscover the world. Be stupid.
However, awareness of these guidelines is not the same as being able to apply them when performing. Becoming a professional, able to make any audience laugh under any circumstances, requires years of practice. But… getting to experience your clown and create laughter… that’s a whole lot easier! However, you’ll only get to know your clown (what they do, communicate and feel) when you get out in front of an audience and start improvising.
“A fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”  Shakespeare
Yes, if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you are crazy, and ridiculous, and even a little bit idiotic… we all are (perhaps not all the time, but often enough!). Consequently, in clowning, what you really have to learn is how to recognize and skillfully expose all the comic elements that you already have at your disposal.

Your clown will effortlessly appear if you:
1.  have an open mind… and heart
2.  allow yourself to feel and express freely
3.  are willing to play

In this workshop we’ll explore:
•  The games that clowns play
•  Active listening
•  Being idiotic
•  The acceptance of failure and recreation of successes
•  The playful expression of emotions
•  Taking things to their limit
•  Enjoying ridiculousness

Caroline Dream

B.A Theatre graduate of Exeter University, she then trained at Fooltime Circus School (Bristol, UK) and refined her education with the best teachers on the performing arts scene. She has performed in festivals and theatres throughout Europe.

She has been teaching clown for 22 years throughout Spain, and internationally in Las Vegas (U.S.A., for Cirque du Soleil artists), New York, Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. She also teaches Corporate Clown Trainings.

Her first clown book was published in Spanish and Portuguese, and then in English under the title, The Clown In You (2014). It has sold over 5000 copies worldwide. Clown Yourself, her second clowning manual was released in November 2020 and is now available in Amazon.

+ info at

During the workshop we will not be able to help you if you have technical problems, that’s why…

  • If you have never used Zoom, do a test video conference with a friend or family member.
  • Also check the audio. Zoom has allows you to check the audio. By clicking on the arrow next to the Zoom microphone button, a menu will open. Look for the “Test audio” section.
  • Use this link to find all kinds of help on how to use Zoom.

Some tips to optimise your internet connection

  • If you can connect by cable, it will be better than via wifi.
  • Before the start of the workshop, check that your internet connection works well. Restarting the router by unplugging the power cord for 15 seconds usually increases the speed if you haven’t restarted it for a while.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi from all your other devices (mobiles, tablets, tv’s, etc.)
  • Ask the people who live with you not to use the internet during the workshop hours, especially Netflix, YouTube and the like.

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