May 20th & 21th “Rebel Clown” In-Person Clown Workshop at CLOWN GYM (New York, USA)

When: Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21
Times: 10am-5pm, with an hour lunch break.
Where: Clinton Cameo Studios, 307 W 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan.
Cost: $275.

Stirring up rebellion and transgression in clown mode

With all the current rules and restrictions, maybe you feel the clown’s anarchic spirit dwindling within you. Perhaps you’ve even quelled that rebellious and nonconformist part of you and have passed into resignation mode.

But as clowns, it is our role to be provocative; question the status quo, voice our discontent, deflate the arrogance of the powerful, mock absurd regulations, be irreverent, insolent, and bold enough to poke fun at anything and everything.

In this workshop, we will engage in foolishly disrespectful activities. You’ll be invited to risk severe clown punishment to stand for the underdog and incite them to resist. You’ll explore the fun of being righteously angry, of lodging a complaint, of making up ridiculous laws and of parodying authority figures (behind their backs). And be guided on how to do this in a way that inspires others to recognize their conventionality and dare to be different.

Rebel Clown will challenge and stretch your boundaries, give you ample opportunities to fully enjoy your rebellious spirit and inspire you to let your clown find creative ways to disrupt the status quo.


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