June 4th to 25th Sundays Only “Clown Conflicts” ONLINE Clown Workshop organised by Tut Schule (Germany)

Online, Group Experience on Zoom

Dates June 4 – 25, SUNDAYS ONLY

Times  5 pm – 7.30 pm Germany Time

Location Wherever you are!

Instructor Caroline Dream

225 EUR (Standard Fee)
210 EUR (early bird discount until 24.04.2023)

Following her wonderful Game Ahoy! class, Caroline Dream is back at Tut Schule with a new online clown class!


How to get clown mileage from your daily struggles
At the heart of every hilarious clown routine lies a conflict: rivalry, misunderstandings, physical ineptitude, invasions of personal space, personality clashes, split emotions, outbursts, competition for the limelight, trouble with the boss, etc. The conflicts clowns struggle with aren’t unknown to us, but their attitude towards them, and the playful extremes to which they take them, are certainly less common. As with everything else, clowns add to the mix their enjoyment of the moment. They’ll turn any kind of conflict into an opportunity to demonstrate their talent for making things worse before making them better.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the struggles of our precarious human existence from a clown perspective, highlighting our sublime stupidity and celebrating our incredible inventiveness. Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll be invited to lose control over your vying emotions, sacred notions, unfriendly attitudes, wayward limbs and changeable environment. You’ll be guided on how to avoid resolving the conflicts until you’ve got all the comic mileage out of them you can, and encouraged to find ever more ingenious ways to settle the dispute or conclude the action.
This workshop requires a basic level of clown and a willingness to reveal the hilarious truth of your own imperfection and life’s complexity.


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