29th July to 1 August 2023 In Person Clown Workshop in the TAMALA CLOWN AKADAMIE, Konstanz, GERMANY

Dates 29th July to 1 August 2023
Location Konstanz, Germany
Level: Advanced, clowning experience required
Facilitator: Caroline Dream

All you need to know about the clown creation process

This 4 day workshop is aimed at clowns with experience, basic knowledge is required.

Within a space full of playfulness, clown complicity and mutual support, we will explore all the important elements you need to know about the clown creation process.

We’ll look at the best practices that will make brainstorming, making decisions, and rehearsals more enjoyable for everyone. We’ll also discover the essential ingredients of a good clown sketch, the important phases of the creative process, which ingenious techniques can improve your performance and how rhythm influences the overall success of any show.

You’ll be asked to contribute your best and dumbest ideas, and your willingness to play and collaborate with others creating different clown numbers from a variety of starting points: your life/your story, a conflict, a relationship, a character (cook, God, cowboy, etc.).



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