Sundays November 2023 “Cross the line” Online Clown Workshop at TUT CLOWNSCHULE

Online, Group Experience on Zoom

Dates:  5, 12, 19 & 26 November 2023

Time:  17:00 – 19:30 (Germany time)

Location Online at TuT Clownschule

Level: Clowning experience required

Facilitator: Caroline Dream



Clowns have never allowed themselves to be held back by the invisible lines that direct us to snip, chip, rip and zip up our personal freedoms. They refuse to package themselves in neat little boxes with “I am a perfect person” written in bold at the front. Why worry about what other people may think of them? Why observe etiquette, form a part of the moral majority or pretend that everything is fine when the alternative is so refreshing and comical?

In this workshop, you’ll be asked to cross the social lines, giving full reign to the self that is unconstrained, uninhibited, and unhampered by convention. Amongst other outrageous things, you’ll be invited to confess your faults and failings, share family secrets, insult people behind their backs or to their faces, spread false rumours, open other people’s mail, steal from your housemates, exhibit shocking behaviour and swindle the audience. AND take pleasure in it all!

Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll get into all the essential details of how to get the most comedy out of breaking the social rules and unearth any conditioning that may be hampering your inner state of freedom. You’ll be encouraged to take bold risks in your improvisations, which will undoubtedly result in awkward situations… just so you that can then tap into your genius and your charm!

This workshop requires a basic level of clown and a willingness to unlock those magical qualities within… authenticity, creativity, passion, integrity and humour.

Register for the workshop at this link


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