Sundays in January 2024 “Stupidly Comical” Online Clown Workshop at THE CLOWN SCHOOL

Dates  7, 14, 21, 28 January 2024

Time 19:00 – 21:30 (Madrid time)
Time USA: 10am-12:30 PST / 11-1:30pm MST / 12-2pm CST / 1-3:30pm EST

Location Online at The Clown School

Level: Clowning experience required

Language: English

Caroline Dream

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How to playfully express all your wonderful stupidity in ever more comic ways

Clowns recognize that human stupidity is too interesting, far-reaching, and comical to ignore. In fact, being so prevalent, it’s incredible that intellectuals have passed up the opportunity to study it thoroughly. Clowns have not! They’ve delved into its many facets and become experts at looking like an idiot, but with a comic wisdom that is altogether enlightening.

In this workshop, we will cover the most common silly human behaviors. You will be encouraged to use your bodies, voices, knowledge and beliefs to highlight the absurd, illogical, incoherent and contradictory nature of so many human thoughts and actions. Throughout, we will seek to appreciate, encourage and applaud our own stupidity so that it comes to the surface more freely and opens the floodgates of laughter.

“To avoid the appearance of stupidity, people are willing to remain stupid.” Alice Walker

Bypassing the social stigma associated with stupidity (which only serves to make us embarrassed and unconscious of its true effects) has many beneficial side effects. An important one is to broaden your understanding of what is, and what is not, important to control. Some foolish behaviors are obviously harmful and must be mastered; others are pure nonsense, which we can enjoy and share.

This is a workshop for you if you wish to:

  • Revise the most notable ridiculous behaviors of the professional idiot.
  • Discover more ways to be comically stupid.
  • Become more audacious, spontaneous and creative.
  • Experience the pleasure of idiotic freedom.


Register for the workshop on this link:




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