Sundays April 2024 “The Worse The Better!” Online clown workshop at TUT CLOWNSCHULE

Online, Group Experience on Zoom

Dates:  7, 14, 21, 28 April 2024 – Sundays only

Time:  17:00 – 19:30 (Germany time)

Location Online at TuT Clownschule

Level: Intermediate. Clowning experience required (you must already have a basic knowledge of clown and have participated in at least one clown workshop)

Facilitator: Caroline Dream

The amazing Caroline Dream is back with a brand new class at Tut ClownSchule Online!


How to get yourself into a tough situation… and make it worse.

How many times have you had a close shave with death, or found yourself in a complicated situation, about to lose your poise, manners or reputation? You’ve probably lost count, right? Because life, others, and we ourselves are far from perfect.

Clowns are well aware of this, they’re constantly encountering difficulties, but their tragedies are wonderfully comic. Sadly though, when we clown, we often don’t make the most of all the problematic situations that arise. Our natural tendency is to attempt to get out of the tricky situation unscathed and as quickly as possible. We resist making things worse.

In this workshop, you’ll discover how much fun, and how much funnier, it is to “jump from the frying pan into the fire”. The first step will be to learn how to instantly recognise all the situations that could lead to a monumental mess. When clowning, these situations pop up all the time through an act of stupidity, a moment of thoughtlessness, a need to emotionally vent or through a minor transgression. But once your clown opens up the window of possibility, your task will be to conscientiously stoke up the fire; make the situation evolve into the “worst possible scenario”…while enjoying every moment.

The worse, the better! is an invitation to transform your instinctive rejection of difficulty into a a comic embrace. 4 sessions of encouragement to remain in a playful, creative and joyful space while providing exciting and wacky entertainment for an audience.

Maximum 14 participants
Ages: 18 and older.



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