Online Clown Numbers or Show Direction with Caroline Dream

Looking for a director for your clown number or show?

Caroline offers online direction sessions (with the possibility of finishing the piece in-person before the show’s premiere). She’ll help you develop an idea, create scenes that are playful, logical and funny, and reach your deadline on time!

The creation process

Caroline will work with you on defining the central idea for your number or show: the who, what and why from which all other ideas can emerge with ease. She’ll then place at your service her vast experience both in clown creation and inspiring hilarious improvisations to guide you towards a finished product.

Caroline believes that creation processes should be fun. She’ll get you to play; and use your imagination, your innate and acquired talents and the things that truly move you. It’ll be an interesting journey that will require your commitment to do the work, but will not expect more of you than you can give.

What to expect

Each session lasts 1 hour. You will also be given assignments to prepare before the following session; such as improvising a scene, writing the script, rehearsing the dialogue or action, finding props or pieces of music, etc.

The sessions will be recorded for your exclusive and private use. This is an important tool that will allow you to see for yourself what works, and remember the action that was blocked during the session. In addition, it will help you remember and script any dialogue.

You will be asked to download these videos within 48hs and upload them to a Drive file you have shared with Caroline. These files will need to be titled with the session number and information that will make their content easily identifiable.

Your commitment

You will be asked to commit to and pay for at least the first 4 sessions, which Caroline recommends be held over a period of 4 consecutive weeks. The day and time that best suits you both will be agreed upon together.

Clown numbers can usually be created in 4 to 8 sessions. Clown shows may take between 12 and 20 sessions to complete (depending on the time you give to rehearsal between the sessions).

If you have an emergency or notify at least 72 hours in advance that you will not be able to attend the session, the date can be changed without charge.


  • a laptop with a camera, or better still an external webcam that sends a higher quality image than the computer’s camera.
  • a good internet connection.
  • a free account on
  • a private space to work in.
    Ideally, a clear working area of approximately 3 x 3 meters that is within the viewing angle of the camera. Outside that area, you should have some space at least on one side so that you can make exits and entrances into the area (that is, you can “leave camera” at least on one side).
  • adequate lighting (frontal) so that Caroline can see you well (please avoid bright lights behind you, such as windows, etc).


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