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One step ahead

Yesterday my physical therapist became iluminated before my very eyes. There we were, enjoying a moment of peace and harmony, looking over some diagrams of the diaphram, when woooosh, she just lit up... literally! Her clothing had caught on the candle, and before I was even aware of the fact, she started [...]

Inspire joy

My daughter dislocated her arm falling off a slide. She was 4 years old and after her fall, her face had gone as white as a sheet. The pain was so intense she didn't know how to vocalize it. I assumed she'd just had a tumble and that everything was ok, but [...]

Humour fit

"You are becoming a vegetable" Two weeks of holidays have taken their toll on my exercise routine. Zero stretches, crunches, squats or lunges. And the less I do, the less I feel like doing. Just getting out the gym mat seems like excessive exercise. But today I do it anyway. The mat [...]


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