“You are becoming a vegetable”

Two weeks of holidays have taken their toll on my exercise routine. Zero stretches, crunches, squats or lunges.

And the less I do, the less I feel like doing. Just getting out the gym mat seems like excessive exercise. But today I do it anyway. The mat is on the floor, step one.

Step two is even harder. My normal exercise routine seems to last an eternity, my muscles feel like jelly, I wobble and sweat. I’m no longer a cabbage, I’m a wilting one.

And now, instead of feeling keen to do it all again tomorrow, I ache all over.

But that’s the way of it.

The same goes with your sense of humor. If you stop using it, you start feeling unfunny. You feel less inclined to crack a joke. Finding the comedy seems like an effort. Your first attempt at recupation is a shaky at best. It pains you how rusty you’ve become, so much so your enthusiasm dwindles.

Life can sidetrack us into seriousness even when we know how good it feels to light up with laughter and lighten up with others. The good news is that your humour muscle will respond quickly when stimulated and certainly this is much easier to do in good company.

Don’t delay, use your sense of humour today!

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