For the past couple of weeks I’ve spent far too much time thinking…

Living life in my head – composing emails, creating useful content for social media, trying to remember things, inventing possible solutions, wondering how to best communicate something, devising lists for my work day, deciding what I’m going to cook, making future plans, looking for the appropriate response…

Hours and hours grappling with thoughts. A wrestling match I never win. Because the more I think, the more there is to think about!

Thinking is like a friking merry-go-round, eventually it makes me feel woozy, disorientated and unhappy. Unless I get off and get into my body, it can seriously affect me.

A case in point is someone who attended one of my clown courses. His psychologist had recommended he stopped thinking so much, that he’d find his joy again if he did, and told him that the best way to do that was to clown.

And yes, he played, he laughed, he performed and then he signed up for more workshops! There’s no safer, easier way to stop thinking and start enjoying life again.

So it’s a good thing I’m going to do some more workshops soon. Leave my head space and enter my heart space. But in the meantime I’m going to put on my red nose and relax my brain.Take a break from thinking, take a clown course.