Register for the workshop on theclownschool.com Online, Group Experience on Zoom Dates November 6 thru 27, 2022 - SUNDAYS ONLY Times 10am-12.30pm PST / 11am-1.30pm MST /12pm-2.30pm CST / 1pm-3.30pm THIS CLASS IS OFFERED AT A SUITABLE TIME FOR PARTICIPANTS IN EUROPE! Location Wherever you are! Instructor Caroline Dream Cost $275  ($100 to reserve your place) The amazing Caroline Dream is back with a brand new class! THE WORSE THE BETTER

    How to get yourself into a tough situation... and make it worse.

    How many times have you had a close shave with death, or found yourself in a complicated situation, about to lose your poise, manners or reputation? You’ve probably lost count, right? Because life, others, and we ourselves are far from perfect.

    Clowns are well aware of this, they’re constantly encountering difficulties, but their tragedies are wonderfully comic. Sadly though, when we clown, we often don't make the most of all the problematic situations that arise. Our natural tendency is to attempt to get out of the tricky situation unscathed and as quickly as possible. We resist making things worse.

    In this workshop, you’ll discover how much fun, and how much funnier, it is to “jump from the frying pan into the fire”. The first step will be to learn how to instantly recognise all the situations that could lead to a monumental mess. When clowning, these situations pop up all the time through an act of stupidity, a moment of thoughtlessness, a need to emotionally vent or through a minor transgression. But once your clown opens up the window of possibility, your task will be to conscientiously stoke up the fire; make the situation evolve into the “worst possible scenario”...while enjoying every moment.

    The worse, the better! is an invitation to transform your instinctive rejection of difficulty into a a comic embrace. 4 sessions of encouragement to remain in a playful, creative and joyful space while providing exciting and wacky entertainment for an audience.

    Maximum 14 participants

    Of British origin (but now Spanish), Caroline Dream has lived in Barcelona since 1989. She trained at Fooltime Circus School (Bristol, England) and refined her education with teachers including Dario Fo, Nola Rae, Michel Dallaire, Eric de Bont, Avner The Eccentric, Bim Mason, David Glass, and Carlo Bosso). Since 1985, she has performed in festivals and theaters throughout Spain with her shows “Footless” and “Just Say Yes!”, and with Alex Navarro in “Niu Adventurs”, as well as throughout Europe with “Primigenio” with Cia. Teatro de Pronto. She has taught clown courses since 1998, throughout Spain, and internationally in Las Vegas (U.S.A., for Cirque du Soleil artists), New York, Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. By 2018 she has taught more than 250 courses for over 4000 students. She also teaches Corporate Clown Training workshops. Her book, The Clown In You, has become a reference in the world of clown and clown pedagogy (info at www.theclowninyou.com). The book is also available in Spanish El Payaso Que Hay En Ti, and Portuguese, O palhaço que existe em você. In 2020, she published her second clowning manual, Clown Yourself, which has also been translated into Spanish under the title, Apayásate.

    Ages: 18 and older.

    Register for the workshop on theclownschool.com
  • Private Clown Coaching with Caroline Dream

    A detonator to release, stimulate and enhance your clowning abilities. A genuine catalyst for your clown.

    Are you in need of help? Motivation? Inspiration? A kick up the arse? Do you want to work with Caroline but can't find a workshop that suits your timetable? Would you like to receive some personalised laser-coaching, tailored to your clown needs or desires? Do you have an idea you'd like to develop?

    Take a Clown Catalyst Online clown coaching sessions, absolutely personalized and adapted to any level. What to expect Honest feedback, guidance in the areas you need to work on, an eagle eye for details and of course, fun.

    The sessions will be very much like a clown class but 100% focused on YOU and your needs. She will ask you to improvise, give you ideas and feedback, and work with the material you have prepared between sessions.

    *The session can be recorded for your exclusive and personal use only. This is a great way to re-inforce the learning process, see for yourself what works and remember the points covered. Commitment Caroline recommends you commit to 4 sessions over a 4 week period. Each session will be 1h. You'll agree on a day and time that suits. Obviously, if you have an emergency or know at least 48hs in advance that you won't be able to make the session, it can be re-scheduled.

    Your homework (if you want it) will be to prepare a sketch around an idea she gives you or your own ideas (you decide). You will have to send her the video of your improvisation 24hs before the next programmed session.


    • a laptop with a camera or, failing that, a tablet with a camera (if you have an external webcam that sends a higher quality image than the computer’s camera, all the better).
    • internet connection
    • a free account on Zoom.us
    • a private space to work in. Ideally, a clear working area of approximately 2 x 2 meters that is within the viewing angle of the camera. Outside that area, you should have some space at least on one side so that you can make exits and entrances into the area (that is, you can “leave camera” at least on one side) . Don’t worry about curtains, sofas, shelves with things on them, etc in the background … these can often be used advantageously during the class ;o)
    • adequate lighting (frontal) so that I can see you well (please avoid bright lights behind you, such as windows, etc)

    What did they say?

    Comment Individual Clown Coaching Caroline was full of ideas, supportive, encouraging, and provided resources and homework to keep me going in between sessions.  I went from a vague idea to having a structure of a show with a world of possibilities!
    Tina Craven, Practicum Coordinator, University of North Carolina, USA
    Caroline is so much fun to work with… her sense of play is unparalleled, and she offers feedback in an honest and joyful way. I grew so much during our time together, she is truly a master teacher.
    Daniel Lendzian actor, author, and lecturer at SUNY Fredonia college NY (USA)
    Caroline’s clown coaching has opened up infinite possibilities to continue developing my clowning skills. Not only a fun experience, but a space for enriching self-discovery and increasing clowning abilities and skills.
    Emily Kingsley hospital clown with Dr. Yaso International (Dom. Republic)
    I lost all self-consciousness and just bared my soul and funny bone with her. She revealed gifts in me that I didn’t know I had. If you want a coach who offers clown inspiration, humor, fun, personalized positive critiques, challenges, modeling, classical instruction and brainstorming, then Caroline Dream is just for you.
    Betsy Walkup Retired teacher, actor, hospital clown, USA
    With a critical and professional eye, Caroline guides you down the clown path learning as you go. In each session you enjoy and challenge yourself at the same time.
    Andrés Valerga, teacher, actor (Argentina)
    Caroline helped me put my doubts aside, to just go for it! And in just four sessions (with their corresponding homework of course), I now have my own clown number, to present in public!
    Miquel Martinez, clown & electrician
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